The house is conveniently located for traveling by car to the presence of the provincial road of the Sanctuaries (SP51) that connects the province of La Spezia with the countries and villages of the Cinque Terre, Levanto and beyond and also with the countries behind Val di Vara: Pignone, Riccò del Golfo and Brugnato.

The natural ways, the paths
The area is located in a strategic site as also referring to pedestrian traffic. Starting directly from the garden, lovers of hiking and biking, can easily access the many paths  surrounded by National Park of Cinque Terre: the SVA (ex n.2) Vernazza-Monterosso; the n. 507 (ex n.7) Vernazza-Cigoletta; the n. 508 (ex n.8) Vernazza-Drignana; the n. 581 (ex n.8a) Reggio-San Bernardino; ecc…), including one of the most famous and picturesque is the Path No. 1 that connects Portovenere to Levanto (High Via) and La Spezia.

These ancient streets natural, all marked CAI, born spontaneously with the passage of people, following the routes easier offered by the morphology of the territory, without major works of man.

Cinque Terre Walking Park - 2019

The Perfect Shot Cinque Terre 2.0 – trailer
Consorzio turistico di Manarola, Volastra e Groppo

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bus schedule

The bus schedule is edited by the ATC of La Spezia, for more information: ATC Esercizio S.p.A

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