The building is divided into two floors: the first floor the owners live, where they receive guests on arrival; on the ground floor are located two apartments, easily accessible with external stairways, both from the private parking (20 m.), and from the road (50 m.).
Both apartments are characterized by the large, open spaces, with the decor inspired by a modern functionality; the renovations were completed in the year 2013. In line with the places we called apartments Arvasia to téra (land breeze) and Arvasia ar Ma (sea breeze).

In both apartments can accommodate five people; after agreement with the owners it is possible to add up to one bed with surcharge to be agreed. Each apartment has a terrace and a garden planted with olive trees with sea view, equipped with table and chairs, beach umbrella, deck chairs; for breakfast, lunch, read and relax.

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The floor plans of the apartments

 arvasia_piantina_unit1  arvasia_piantina_unit2


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