Furnished Apartments in the Tourism
Arvasia is a structure consisting of two apartments and classified as “Furnished Apartments in the Tourism” (Case Appartamenti Vacanze – CAV tre soli). It is located in Drignana, a hillside village placed 4.5 km. approximately from the center of Vernazza, the charming seaside village gathered around the famous Piazza Marconi overlooking the sea and the beautiful marina, making it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Borghi più belli d’Italia.
From the windows, the terraces and from the garden of the two apartments you can enjoy a picturesque view: in the background the sea, around the green hills, all surrounded by silence and punctuated by the chirping of crickets and cicadas at night in the daytime.

The name
Arvasia is the dialect word meaning breeze, cool breeze, or that fresh air from the hill down to the sea, refreshing warm summer evenings.

Drignana (Vernazza)
Drignana is one of the hilly hamlets (about 430 m) to residential-farm is located in the town of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre National Park and Marine Protected Area, and in places of special landscape value, considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a tourist destination for those who love peace, tranquility and uniqueness of the Ligurian landscape, characterized by terraces, whose lands are supported by dry stone walls in stone, cultivated with vineyards and olive. The paths through the forests of oaks and lush Mediterranean scrub (arbutus, myrtle, pittosporum …), are a paradise for lovers of hiking and cycling.

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